​ Deep Swedish MASSAGE
                      60 min. $75
                     90 min. $100
Relaxing massage with deeper pressure             than the typical Swedish.
Hot stone massage
                                   60 min. $75
                                  90 min. $100
       Relaxing massage incorporating the use of hot stones.

                         60 min. $90
​This is a deep-tissue massage where the focus is applied directly to muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and tendons individually that are contributing to pain and tension in the body.  The goal of NMT is to remove muscular knots, increase blood flow, and release pressure from the nerves. It usually involves trigger points (painful spots in a muscle) and helps break up scar tissue that has formed around the                                             muscle.
​swedish massage
                          60 min $60
                         90 min. $85
       Relaxing massage with long, gliding strokes.

chair Massage
             $1 Per Minute
 Private/Group/Corporate rates available
All massage types available please call for pricing details which are based on location, duration, and number of clients.

24 hours notice is required for Day Spa appointment cancellations.  A $25 fee will be assessed for short notice cancellations.  

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